Wet Weather

12 June 2015, 6PM: Polwarth Dr 1 is CLOSED for all matches on Saturday 13th June 2015. All matches will be played on P2.

What to do?

Rain does not automatically call off games, however the AMOUNT of rain does. In the event of wet weather you will receive an email advising if Polwarth Drive is open or closed. Coaches will also receive a text. Please check Facebook as well as website. For all other ground closures check North Coast Football.

Please check each Thursday morning for a report on ground conditions for Thursday training and Friday night for Saturday games.

Ground closures and other advice will be communicated on Facebook when known. Please join our Facebook site for your immediate updates.

Please note:

Ground closures are based upon the condition of the field playing surfaces for games, and NOT whether if is raining or not.

Several days of rain can be more damaging (creating a soft surface) than a single heavy downpour (which mostly runs off).

The fact it is raining on Saturday morning may not close the grounds if it is light and has only just commenced.

Also note that we can only advise the closure of Polwarth Drive fields. If you are playing away, then you need to check the North Coast Football website for closures at other clubs.

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